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  • The Wong Shop

    Property buying tips you need to know | My story

    *Disclaimer: this is not one of those annoying click baits, “Saver who never pays full price bought a house at 24”.

    We all enjoy a casual news scroll until they declare, “I received £XXXk from daddy” — believe me, I want to chuck those articles in the bin as much as you do. 

    the Wong blog how to buy property kitchen designs Monica Wong

    My fave spots for furniture: John Lewis | Made | Dunelm Outfit: Top | Jeans

    I started The Wong Blog when I quit my job to travel the world. It has created opportunities I ever imagined and I’m eternally grateful. If you’ve been checking in on my Instagram, I took a year-long break. And this broke my heart. I never meant to abandon the blog that I spent years developing.

    A lot has happened, but I’ll stick to the matter, I bought my dream property! 

    I’m going to make every effort to ensure that this post is honest and relatable. For any privilege that has come into my life, I will talk about it. I want to be fully transparent with you.

    Okay, so I know you want me to hurry with the good stuff! Let’s go:

    Live below your means.

    Despite how it looks on the gram’, I didn’t use any old money trust fund. My parents would just laugh in my face if I tried. It’s great when families work hard to support their children, but let’s be honest, no one is on an equal playing field. Those who have built their success from adversity genuinely know and value what it is to buy a home, start a business, etc., from the ground up.

    Everyone’s level of ‘living below means’ will be different. It’s all about short term sacrifices for long term gains. 

    When I graduated, I worked in my corporate job; then at the weekend, working at Hollister during the day & Mahiki at night. I also lived in the tiniest box room, which cracks me up every time I think about it. Everyone thought I was nuts! I became much fortunate later in life with my career but no regrets; you learn and grow a lot more from the challenging parts of life than the easy ones, I promise you.

    Be prepared. Get organised. 

    I chatted to you about my year break because buying property is genuinely a whirlwind. My house buying experiences were stressful. I encountered numerous barriers, from building delays and legal issues — of course, buying during a worldwide pandemic didn’t help.

    Be mentally prepared; try to avoid buying during a difficult time in your life. Brace yourself for the prospect of offers falling through or sellers deciding to pull out at the last minute. Get support from those who have bought in the same position as you.

    Get your documents in order: grab a cuppa, put your feet up and dedicate an hour to this mission. Create a new folder and start putting together your proof of income (job offer letter, contracts), address (tenancy, utility bills), identity (passport, drivers license), bank statements, etc. This will make everything a lot easier when you start the process. You’ll thank me later.

    Up that credit rating

    Have a nosey at your current credit rating here. Once you’ve got your score, here is my housekeeping advice: 

    Check for mistakes on your file – time to get that magnifying glass out! Data inputs like marginal address errors will affect your score. Check all of the deets, please.

    Clear any debt – an obvious one, but pay it off. You may have forgotten that Klarna ASOS retail order you buzzed at checkout. The bank checks through your mobile contract, car finance, bills etc., to check you haven’t missed any payments. 

    Show that you’re a responsible lender – try to keep your credit utilisation at 25% or lower & always pay back IN FULL (direct debit is the best invention since sliced bread). 

    You need to manage a good blend of credit. If you’re a hey’ big spender (please, always only take out credit if you are confident with money), always get cashback on your purchases. My AMEX helped boost my credit score; get £20 free cashback if you start with this; the restaurant and retail offers are so damn delicious.

    Register on the electoral roll if you haven’t already! This is for identity reasons; It confirms that you are who you say you are. 

    Bringin’ home the bacon (deposit)

    • Channel your inner Excel whizz skills and start a budget spreadsheet. Enter your current monthly spending and forecast your post-property outgoings.
    • Open a LISA – if you’re not planning on buying soon. A LISA will incentivise you to deposit every month. If you decide to buy a property up to a specific value, you will receive interest + government bonus at completion. If you don’t end up buying, you can use it as a retirement fund + benefits instead, so either way — win-win! Don’t confuse yourself with the Help to Buy ISA as it’s not open to new applicants, so don’t worry about this (if you already have one, well done & keep saving)!
    • Research current government schemes – if you’re buying new build, look into the Help to Buy. You put down a 5% deposit, and the government will give you an equity loan of 20% (40% in London) of your mortgage, which you don’t have to pay back for the first five years; it’s around 1.75% interest + inflation from year six onwards. 
    • On payday, transfer an achievable amount from your current account into your savings, always trick your brain into thinking that you have less money to spend than you have. 
    • Shop smart, only buy things you will use and always work out the cost per use/wear. 
    • Start selling anything you don’t need; moving house is stressful enough, you don’t need to shift the stuff you don’t want to your new place!

    An oldie but a goldie, here’s my article with further tips on how to save.

    the Wong blog how to buy property kitchen designs Monica Wong

    Top | Shorts | Sandals

    Choosing the right mortgage 

    I highly recommend having a natter with a mortgage advisor to get an idea of what you can afford. Talk to a few, so you get an idea of how they work and soak up as much knowledge as you can from them. It’s in their interest to hunt for the best deal, so they should be happy to help. They will provide a mortgage in principle, which will make you shinier to all parties.

    I went directly to a bank because my circumstances are different (if you’re a limited company director or self-employed, you will need three years of accounts from your accountant). The general rule of thumb is that you can borrow 3-5 times your annual salary.  

    Location Location.

    First, you have to decide which location is right for you—the areas that work around your job, hobbies and local amenities. Start digging into local crime rates, commute and traffic. My best advice: research what the council will invest in that area in years to come. Are they building a new train station nearby? (HS2 is a great example). In future, will a tower block your view? Are they upscaling the high street? Are they creating an extravagant film studio? These are factors that will ensure you are investing in an area that will increase in value.

    I invested in my borough on purpose; it’s close to the capital’s most prominent financial district and easily accessible routes to all the film studios. Pop into Google, the name of your local council, and have a nosey in the news section. 

    The House Buying Process

    usually goes like this:

    House viewing > offer > offer accept > mortgage application > solicitor draft contract > mortgage accepted > searches > exchange of contracts > completion. 

    Please ask your mates for a cracking solicitor; conveyancers are cheaper but less qualified so ask for recommendations. You will be chasing the solicitor All. The. Time, so make sure it’s a proactive one.

    The conveyancing stage is the most mindboggling so bear with me. ‘Searches’ are enquiries from the authorities that hold information about your property. I dug into all of them because I’m nosey. Primary searches will be Local Authority, Drainage, Environmental and Chancel. There’s also indemnity insurance, title register, deeds and plan. Please don’t worry! Set up a call with your solicitor to talk you through these. The surveyor will look for these but make sure your home is fireproof, no Japanese knotweeds, mould, leaks, excellent roof etc. Please go through your solicitor documents with a toothcomb; there will be no hiccups on my watch!

    Your mortgage advisor may remind you but don’t forget to get contents & building insurance.

    Bed sold out but I love this | Mattress | Duvet | Duvet Cover |

    It will work out, eventually.

    It’s a lot to take in, so I hope you found it helpful. I tried to make sure this post is comprehensive as it is digestible.

    Please be careful of any scams and do your research. For the love of God, please never transfer any money to anyone without a solicitor! 

    Don’t feel pressured to buy; there’s no ‘right time’. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. If you have FOMO, I’m telling you, houses are like buses; they all come at once. 

    They say that you ‘know’ when it’s your house; I had nine viewings before deciding, so don’t feel that you’re too picky. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and comes full circle. My parents got married in a beautiful park nearby where I now live. I can’t even explain it; I just always said I would go back there. So if you want a sign to go for something that you’ve dreamed of, that would be it. 

    But most importantly, have fun! The best part is seeing your world unpacked into your new home — your entire life: photos, books and trinkets. Make it yours, and everything will fall into place. 

    Ps. If I’ve missed anything and you have a little nugget of wisdom to share, please leave it in the comment section below. I know it will mean a lot to a lot of people.

    Have a wonderful time & spam me with your furniture snaps; I love seeing other people’s interior design choices. 


    My fave spots for furniture: John Lewis | Made | Dunelm Outfit: Top | Jeans | Top | Shorts | Sandals | Bed sold out but I love this | Mattress | Duvet | Duvet Cover |


    How I buy, layer & store my jewellery

    I’m picky when it comes to jewellery and to make matters worse, my skin hates fakes. My earlobes can’t last half an hour in non-sterling. A confirmation that the luxury life chose me. (Ha I’m kidding).

    I come armed (heh get it?) with Jewellery from Muru — a British brand that I would love for you to meet.

    Muru is a London-based, designer jewellery brand. Each piece is unparalleled and reflects an aspiration such as love, protection or positivity. Real carats of high-quality silver and gold ensure no allergic reactions (tried and tested — Wong approved).

    How to buy jewellery

    I love jewellery with meaning — pieces that carry stories. One of my fondest memories are feeding elephants, and I have a nelly pendent from the Cambodian night market to remember that moment. The aim is to build a collection that lives with you for a long time. Look for connection, sparkle, and flaws that won’t annoy you later. I feel naked without my signature jewellery!

    Focus on peculiar (this is different for everyone) shaped pendants, that has vibrant colour and tone. Don’t just buy into something because it’s a trend – if it doesn’t feel like you, then it’s not for you. I love symbolic charms; they’re a way of making pieces personal. Go with your first instinct and don’t second guess yourself.

    Everyone has different affiliations with jewellery. It’s personal taste, and it’s perfectly fine to grow out of a piece too!


    More often than not, you’ll get compliments on your jewellery, rather than your outfit. I’ve grown to realise how much difference it makes to your overall anaesthetic in terms of style.

    I like to layer my dainty jewellery. When you stack and continue to add to your favourites over the years, you’ll see they all end up working together.

    I tend to buy a long chain piece like this (16-18″) silver moon necklace to curve the frame for the second piece. For this look, I’ve layered with the (16″) shorter Gold Aphrodite Coin necklace underneath. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s a sin to wear gold and silver at the same time; this should be thrown out of the rulebook when it comes to light jewellery.

    I love a bit of matchy-matchy, and I picked this bracelet because I’m fascinated by the moon. Muru’s one represents ‘female influence’, and the coin represents love, so I feel like I’ve got a winning combination here.


    I get my storage inspiration from the Japanese way of living. I read Marie Kondo’s book and wanted to embrace a system whereby I don’t have any excess items. I occasionally do an audit and sell off the things I haven’t worn in a year. As a lady on the go, I wanted the ease and accessibility. I did have a dangling jewellery stand at one point, but I found that it took up too much room on my desk.

    I keep my jewellery neatly stored in my Muji tray, which I swear by as the best way to keep them maintained. I have my everyday essentials stored in a cushioned tray and the bulkier ones stored separately underneath.


    A quick note before you dash off, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been taking a break from my little space on the internet. It’s been a (finally) fortunate summer for East Asian models which I’ll write about soon. But, I hope I didn’t I miss much?

    If I did, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you. What have you been up to?


    Gifted: Silver Moon Necklace | Moon Bracelet | Gold Aphrodite Coin |


    The Ultimate Travel Guide to Jaipur, India

    Jaipur is my favourite city in India. Welcome to the ‘pink city’. I’m so thrilled that you are here to join me for a sun-soaked, salmon-pink adventure. 

    As the last stop on the golden triangle tour, Jaipur is one of the greatest cities in the world to shop. Alongside an abundance of luxurious hotels, it’s a real-life Aladdin’s cave. Go on a hunt for gemstones and tribal textiles; this is where insiders buy handmade, traditional crafts and design. 

    Right, let’s plan your itinerary!

    1. Amber Fort (Amer Fort)

    Out of all of the attractions in Jaipur, I urge you to see this fort. Okay, it is a drive away, but the devil is in the detail; it’s an architectural goldmine. Prepare for your best pics yet, with intricate detail on the walls and views across the city and countryside. The king lived here with 12 of his wives – and 350 mistresses. Bet he was busy!

    2. Hawal Mahal

    Fun fact: this is a building with a law to stay pink, and I’m here for it. It’s a honeycomb-shaped ‘palace of the winds’ dotted in peekaboo windows. Architectured for the royal women who would watch the street parades from above, the king had many anonymous wives. It’s next door to City Palace so pop over to the following location once you’ve got your Hawal fix.

    3. City Palace

    The royal family once ruled their terra-cotta homeland by painting all of their sandstone buildings. Today, it’s an artistic masterpiece built in the form of courtyards, gardens, gateways and buildings. A striking blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture, this palace represents the richness of Indian history. It’s built right in the centre of the old city, so the journey should be easy-peasy. 

    4. Jantar Mantar

    This one is a bit random, myself and my travel buddy were wondering why they built this here. But, don’t rule it off just yet. It’s the world’s largest stone sundial — I highly recommend a visit for the science, space and astrology enthusiasts. A good one for the kids, I would describe it as an interactive outdoor museum. Nineteen instruments allow you to see planetary positions and how they were used to calculate date and time by the sun’s positioning. There is a craved monument for each star sign. I loved seeing the symbol for Scorpio: intense and romantic. Hmm, that’s almost accurate.

    5. The Iconic Stepwells

    I didn’t manage to fit this one, but I Instastalked other travel bloggers piccies, and they’re beautiful. I luckily managed to find similar steps in Rajasthan, but the Jaipur ones are incredibly popular and a photographer’s dream. It’s a chance to see authentic India, and the surrounding areas, filled with friendly curious locals.

    The places I didn’t get to go but would add to your list: Galta Monkey Temple and Nahargarh Fort. Oh and don’t miss the beautiful palace floating in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake: half of the building is still hovering, but the bottom half is submerged. They’re currently restoring it so you can’t go inside, but you won’t miss the viewing spots filled with tourists. 


    You’ll be pleased to hear that Uber is in Jaipur and it’s safe! There is also a similar service called Ola. All drivers are, of course, tracked. Jaipur has developed well over the years and is incredibly modern. If you want a full day of sightseeing, I would recommend hiring a private driver (the preferred mode of transport for many Westerners). For cheaper options, book a tour here


    Three – five days is enough to see all of the beautiful Jaipur. 

    Backpackers – I haven’t stayed in a hostel in India, but I will always recommend hostelbookers.com and hostelworld.com. I used both of these when I went backpacking.

    Vacay-ers – Jaipur has many Western hotel chains like Marriot and Holiday Inn etc. I stayed in Hilton Jaipur, which as a global hotel, is a great all-rounder and is very accommodating to all cultures. Honestly, you have to check out their breakfast & dinner buffet — I’ve never seen so many world foods stations under one roof. There is also a rooftop pool which I didn’t get to use, but it looks incredible! The most ‘Instagrammable’ luxurious (pricey) hotel is Jai Mahal Palace, which I went for dinner. Otherwise, ITC Rajputana is a great budget option that all of the essential amenities at an affordable price. 


    I highly recommend booking a reservation at Jai Mahal Palace for an I’m-on-holiday-so-might-aswell dinner because the palace itself is truly magical. The restaurant at the Hilton Jaipur is decently priced and well-known for its famous Rajasthani speciality dishes. 

    *Subject to affordability, food may be a tad pricey.


    I hope you found my guide to Jaipur useful. India has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl, and I’ve never been anywhere quite like it. Jaipur well exceeded my expectations. I’m always keen to answer any travel questions so don’t hesitate to fling me a comment!

    Jaipur, India

    Snake Print Dress |Green Maxi Skirt| Snake Print Top | White Trainers| Bag | Sunglasses


    How to make money from blogging

    Once upon a time, blogging was nothing more than a digital diary. Today, it has empowered a generation of #DigitalBosses. I’m so proud of the Blogosphere community, but there is still a lot of scepticism and speculation when it comes to the topic of monetisation.

    The most common question I get is ‘how do you make money from blogging?’. Last summer, I wrote a 101 guide on how to start a blog, I solemnly swore that I would save the money-making side for a full-length post because I knew it would be a detailed cracker.

    I have the best of both worlds; I worked in Digital Marketing (Affiliate) for years before I became a #LifestyleBlogger, Model & Digital Consultant full-time, so I have an inkling of what advertisers and influencers want.

    If you’re a blogger, you probably know how a lot of this works, but for ease, I’m going to explain how it works to a complete beginner so that everyone can understand it.

    To make this easy to digest, I’m going to split up the sections: Brand Partnerships, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising and Public Relations (PR).

    Brand Partnerships (Fixed Fee)

    Brand Partnerships is primarily ‘Sponsored Content’; this is when a brand pays you a fixed fee to write, YouTube and/or Instagram about a product or service.

    The way it works is that a brand would contact you with an introduction of a product, and if agreed, a contract is drawn up with objectives of the campaign. A brief usually has all of the deliverables required, and this includes information about the product, which key messages should be said, hashtags to use and social media handles to tag.

    This form of payment has the most scope of flexibility because the brand marketing department usually has the highest budget (some companies assign this budget from the same pot of TV and radio advertising).

    Affiliate Marketing (Variable Fee)

    Affiliate Marketing is my expertise, so I’m hoping, I can explain this simplistically for newbies. It’s when a brand (e.g. ASOS, Amazon, Groupon etc.) pays out a commission to a publisher (blogger, or any website that promotes products) for every sale generated.

    E.g., when someone clicks on my blog and then spends £100, I earn X% of total basket value (excluding delivery & VAT).

    Commission (X) range averages 5-15%, and it’s not paid out if the buyer returns the item. If you want to know how the technical side works, it’s all tracked by through the URL which drops a cookie and captures the data. The data goes to a network so they can calculate how much each everyone earns, but you don’t need to know any of this unless you work in the affiliate industry. You just need to know that there is no additional fee for the buyer who is purchasing the products.

    There are lots of Affiliate Networks, and I started my career working at one of them, but I currently use RewardStyle who power my shop widgets, I find them very easy to use. Do let me know if you would like me to refer you and I’ll hook you up!

    Display Advertising (Variable Fee)

    This is when a brand (or media agency working on behalf of a brand) pays you per 1000 impressions or views (CPM cost per mill) or clicks (CPC cost per clicks) generated from your website or YouTube.

    I currently don’t work with any display partners because I personally find ad’s on a website super annoying, I also don’t have YouTube, but an example would be:

    E.g., when someone clicks on a banner advertisement on my website or YouTube video, I’ll earn £XX per 1000 interactions (impressions) or clicks.

    CPM’s used to be fixed, but YouTube has created an algorithm, and each YouTuber’s rate is dependent on content, time of year, how many videos you make etc.

    Public Relations – PR (Fixed Fee)

    You can build great relationships with PR agents; they tend to be the most friendly! Once you’re on their mailing list, they will send products, gift cards or services for you to trial. There is usually no obligation to promote products unless you sign a contract.

    PR’s will choose their influencers based on their audiences being the right fit for the product, for example, McDonalds PR isn’t going to contact a fitness influencer (unless it was some ironic promotion) because that wouldn’t be a right fit for the campaign.

    On the topic of audiences, this video explains how to build them.

    Remember that Influencers do also have to declare if there are paid, this is seen in hashtags using #ad or #gifted or #presstrip. I’m being paid to write this article by promoting the links in the post.

    Like any other job, Bloggers do have to pay taxes (this company is making tax digital) so it’s useful to monitor regulations changes. Videos like this are helpful.

    And that’s that! I hope the above advice helped explain the monetisation side of blogging and that you’re all clear as a consumer.

    What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you.

    Primrose Bakery, London

    Snake Print Skirt |Black Blouse|Black Boots

    Photography by my favourite Parisan friend: Constance Doyle


    The career advice I wish I was given

    When I was a little girl, I was the daydreamer in the classroom: head in the clouds, chin nestled into the palms of my hands. I’d imagine myself as this big shot, high-flying businesswoman.

    Like a triumphant movie moment, she’s independent-organised-but-has-time-to-look-smoking-hot. She glides into the building in power heels, head held high. Her hair smells of some L’Oreal advert. Her flustered employees crowd around her as she answers their queries in her quick-witted state. Oh, she knows she’s worth it.

    Sometime later, I shuffle into the lift in pumps that I keep forgetting to throw out, eyes half open, while trying to unknot my tangled I-just-out-of-bed-so-please-f**k-off hair. I land into the office, screaming every obscurity to myself. ‘Oh F, I haven’t done this! Oh b*llocks, I forgot this!’.

    I would love to tell you that my early career was just like my fantasied movie. I wasn’t quite prepared for reality when I graduated. Here’s my ultimate guide on building a happier career.

    Be confident in your abilities

    Remember, you went through studies, research, tedious application process and interview/pitch to get where you are. The most important thing I would have told myself was to know my worth. Know what you want and have faith that you deserve it. Be kind to yourself; you deserve this role. On day one into my graduate job, I received my first set of emails, and I overanalysed Every. Word. It felt like no matter what the email said, I felt like everyone in the business didn’t like me. Today, I don’t overanalyse in the unnecessary; I’m there to work to the best of my ability, make a positive contribution and get paid. You’re not going to get on with everyone, that’s just business. Own it through your work.

    Learn how to manage upwards

    Learn how to manage your manager/client. And not in an I’m-a-smartass-I’m-trying-take-your-job kind of way (that will result in the opposite effect). Regardless of whether you plan to stay or leave in some time, learn how your manager works. Some will want you to get the job done, and others will appreciate social interaction more than others. Some will request pieces of work ad-hoc and others will set deadlines. Managers are humans too, they’ll have good days and bad days, but knowing how to adapt to their organisational and communication style will make a heck of a difference.

    Work smart, not hard

    Society has taught us that the number of hours you input is directly proportional to the amount of productive output that you produce. Well, F that. Working smart is about having the self-awareness about your work style, as opposed to increasing your (ineffective and inefficient) hours. I wrote about this in detail here.

    Surround yourself with supportive people

    One of my biggest failings in life is thinking that I can do everything on my own. To grow in your job, you need to surround yourself with people who will help you do that. The workplaces I’ve enjoyed are the ones who had the most cohesive teams. Alongside your day-to-day role, support your colleagues; you are all working towards a common goal. A good working relationship is a two-way street: a good manager will be supportive, listen to what you have to say, and take action. A bad manager will not trust you, be controlling, have no interest in what you have to say or your development. If you don’t get along with your manager, then there will be someone else in the company who you can source as a mentor. I look for people who ignite my creativity, encourage me to work harder and challenge me.

    Speak up

    Whether you have spotted a few things that could be improved, or have some great ideas, you should feel comfortable to speak up (if you feel like you can’t, then I’ve learnt the hard way that you’re probably in a weak environment). The saying, ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’, is true in this case. Asking questions will enable you to be better at your job and if said in front of the right people, can benefit you in terms of career progression. I’ve said plenty of silly things, but I rather receive the correct answer than for the issues not to be resolved.

    Avoid gossip

    Gossip, politics and red tape lurks in every organisation, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s straightforward to become close friends with someone in your company, but unless you fully trust them, avoid saying anything that you wouldn’t want your boss to hear. The same applies to clients.

    When it comes to your career, there’s a lot of pressure to do well. My parents had high expectations, and I watched them work hard to provide for us. But, if there’s one piece of advice I could give, remember that no amount of money is worth more than your health, so look after yourself. Your career will only work if you put you, first.

    I would love to hear your career experiences so far and your most important words of advice! If I’ve missed a key tip, feel free to leave me a comment. I always reply when I can.

    Location: Les colonnes de Buren, Paris

    Nars Concealer in Ginger | Anastasia Palette| Loreal Liquid EyelinerLancome Mascara


    How to stop redness in the skin from face mask use

    Fab Luxe Mask in Expresso Delight

    This blog post is going to change your life.

    Ok, that might be a bit exaggerated, but I’m annoyed that I haven’t given you this tip sooner!

    The (literally, speaking) must-wear item of 2021 is, without a doubt, the face mask. Some of you will hate wearing it; others feel safer & enjoy anonymity. Either way, our government (England) has announced that they are no longer mandatory, but we must wear face-covering on most public transport services.

    When I first started wearing masks, my face was red and itchy. My ears also hurt from the thin straps. When Face Silk contacted me about their face masks range, I was sceptical. I questioned their durability and protection, but here’s why you should make the switch:

    Fab Fit Champagne Mask

    They are better for your skin.

    Ever wondered why some people swear by silk pillows? The harsh fabric doesn’t brush up against your face, which is the same for face silks. They’re also moisture-resistant, so ideal for sensitive skin. They feel super lightweight, comfortable and luxurious. I’ve not suffered from itchiness and redness since. The ribbed straps fit nicely behind the ears. Well worth the treat for an everyday item!

    They’re sustainable.

    I’ve never been a fan of disposable masks, and I hate seeing them littered on the streets! Polyester, cotton and plastic can take thousands of years to biodegrade. Face Silks are handmade with 100% natural and sustainable materials. They are designed to be washable for sustained use.

    They’re hypoallergenic.

    Silk has natural hypoallergenic properties, so it’s resistant to dust mites, pollen and moulds — big shout out to my long-standing fellow hayfever sufferers!

    Face Silk Fit Mask in Bronze

    They have a wide range of colours.

    They’re very stylish; I’ve had bounds of compliments, even from strangers! They have lots of different colours, from espresso to rose gold which suits all skin types.

    You can browse Face Silk here; there’s also cute scrunchies, robes and eye masks; you’re bound to find something to get your head around.


    Fab Luxe Mask in Expresso Delight | Fab Fit Champagne Mask | Face Silk Fit Mask in Bronze


    Black Friday 2019

    Is it me or does Black Friday start earlier & earlier, each year? I’ve shared my best Cyber Week picks with you for the last five years, and this one is going to be a bit different.

    2019 has been the year of sustainability, and we’re aware of consumerism more than ever. Remember to buy the items that were already on your list. I could see my affiliate commissions go tits up from this kind of advice, but I have never been dishonest on my website.

    Let’s get to the fun part! As always, I’m going to include everything all in one place so come back and visit, and I’ll be updating this page with new codes throughout the weekend.

    The all-rounders

    Selfridges 20% off code: SELFCCE

    Amazon Black Friday Deals

    eBay red hot deals all weekend

    Very up to 50% off

    House of Fraser £20 off with every £100 spent

    Debenhams VAT free fragrances

    John Lewis Price Match

    Argos Technology deals

    Currys Black Tag event


    High Street

    Topshop up to 25% off

    Mango Use code BLACK19 for 30% off everything!

    H&M Up to 20% off everything!

    ASOS up to 60% off everything sale

    Missguided 70% off & extra 10% code: NOWORNEVER

    Boohoo 75% off and extra 10% off code: extra

    Shein UK up to 30% off everything with BLKNOW

    Urban Outfitters Up to 50% off

    French Connection up to 30% off code Blackout

    Karen Millen up to 60% off everything

    Whistles up to 30% off


    Net A Porter Up to 30% off

    Luisa Via Roma UK & EU up to 40% off using code BF40

    MyTheresa Extra 20% off Sale category

    L.K.Bennett 25% off everything with code BLACK25

    Reiss up to 50% off outlet

    Whistles up to 30% off


    Lulelemon Up to 40% off

    Gymshark Blackout up to 50% off

    Sweaty Betty UK Offering 25% off everything

    Nike 15% off full-priced items

    Adidas up to 65% off

    Get an extra 10% off 50% off Black Friday at Ideal of Sweden. Use code: WONG10

    Shoes, Accessories & Stationary

    Office 20% off with code take20 (Includes UGG boots, Nike, Timberlands, etc!)

    Aldo 50% or 20% off

    Dune – 20% off everything

    Clarks – 20% off with code: BF2019

    Pandora 20% off everything

    Missoma use code BF25 for 25% off

    Monica Vinader up to 30% off

    Accessorize – 20% off everything

    Etsy (I got a great chunky yarn from here last year, various independent sellers have their sales on)

    Oliver Bonas Enjoy 25% off selected fashion, accessories, homeware and gifts

    Paperchase (25% off!)

    WHSmith (£5 off when you spend £20 use code black19)


    Beauty Bay up to 50% off

    Cult Beauty up to 30% off use code: NEWBLACK15

    Feel Unique up to 40% off

    Look Fantastic use code BLACKOUT25 for 25% off

    Space NK Receive a free full size beauty gift of your choice when you spend £50+

    Charlotte Tilbury Up to 30% off selected lines with new promotions every day

    NARS up to 30% off code: morenars

    MAC 20% off and a free lipstick when you spend £45 with code BLACKFRIDAY20

    Bobbi Brown 20% off and full size smokey eye mascara when you spend £65 or more with code BBGIFT

    If you much prefer experiences, check out the current deals on Groupon & Virgin Experience Days.

    If you’re desperate to run away from all this Cyber Weekend, head here RyanAir, British Airways and TUI Holidays (use code BLK100).

    If you’ve got any deals to share or have any requests, please comment below!

    Location: The Land of Black Friday