Once upon a time, I wanted to start a Blog.

A place where I could log my experiences and create a scrapbook to look back on my life — while hoping that at least one poor sod would read it (that person most likely being myself).

With a full-time job, I have limited time to dedicate to my love of blogging. I’m thrilled to announce that as of today, I’m free as a bird. I quit my job to travel the world. They say your dreams. I’ll let you know if it was the right decision.

Today I relaunch this Blog with an editorial called Fire, shot by super talented Photographer: Ella H and creative Makeup Artist: Rachel at the Tate in London. A wonderful way to say goodbye to my beautiful city where I have lived for five years.

I name this post, Fire because red is the colour of energy, passion, and action; it’s also a symbol of luck in Chinese which I’ll be needing when embarking on my new journey. This ASOS billowing red chiffon maxi dress could quickly breathe new life into anyone.

ProjectM is a style, travel, beauty, and lifestyle Blog.

I will be launching my travel and foodie posts early 2015.

You’re welcome to join me in my adventure.

Monica x

Location: Tate Britain, London

 ASOS Red Maxi Dress | Jimmy Choo Heels

MAC Prep and Prime | M·A·C FOUNDATION | M.A.C Powder | NARS Blush | Lancome MascaraM.A.C Liquid Liner | MAC Lip Liner | M.A.C EYE BROWS | YSL Red Lipstick |


Photographer: Ella H

Makeup: Rachel Williamson

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