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Monica Wong Model The Wong Blog Everyday Natural Make Up

I name this project: ‘A Beauty Series’.

I asked my lovely Makeup Artist Giselle for some tips on how to do a natural look and then to top up for an exciting event for the night. Right, let’s start with natural. She told me it’s important to have a fresh face before you apply makeup.

Natural Everyday Make-Up Look

1. Cleanse. I soak a cotton pad with Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur: the great thing about this toner is that you can use it on your whole face including your lips. Start from the forehead and make your way to the jawline, isn’t it so satisfying to see the removed excess oil and dirt from your skin?

2. Rehydrate. I have awful dark circles. I’m yet to find an eye cream that works well for me, but for now, Lancôme Génifique Eye Cream does the trick. Squeeze a 5p amount with your fingers and pat it on the inner corners and outer eye. Try not to pull your lines, this could stretch your eye elasticity and that area is super sensitive.

3. Moisturise. I use NARSskin Aqua Gel; it makes my skin soo’ soft and it’s perfect for pre-make up wear. Rub and massage onto face.

4. Dark circles begone. I have a few favourite concealers, my favourite ‘save’ one is Garnier Caffeine Roll-On in fair (it comes in four shades) this one is ideal for everyday wear. My favourite ‘splurge’ one is NARS Stick Concealer in Ginger, omigawd, I love this concealer, it hides those bad boys bags away. Use your ring finger (because the eye area is sensitive) and blend in a circular motion.

5. Lightly apply foundation onto face, I use NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in Ceylan, it matches my skin colour perfectly. Squeeze a bit onto your hand and use a stippling brush — apply it to the areas that need it most: the redness around the nose, chin and a little on the forehead.

6. Tight-line your eyes (known as sneaky invisible lining). Using your usual eyeliner, I use M.A.C Eyeliner and draw the top lash line, this makes your lashes look fuller and thicker. Optional: fill in your eyebrows with M·A·C EYE BROWS.

7. Curl lashes — the best one I’ve used is Shiseido. Apply mascara — I use Yves Saint Laurent because even though they’re thickening and lengthening, I have tiny and thin lashes and this mascara doesn’t make them look chavtastically unnatural. It’s my favourite mascara, like, ever.

8. Use a rose shimmering blush Dior Blush in Rose Cherie and highlight the high points and the apples of your cheeks. Smile when you do it to highlight the main areas.

9. Finish off with your favourite lip balm. I use either Vaseline or Burt’s Bees. Chapstick does the trick too.

Let me know if any of my favourite natural beauty goodies make it into your Christmas stocking this year.

Location: George Samuel Studios

Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur | Lancôme Génifique Eye Cream | NARSskin Aqua Gel | Garnier Caffeine Roll-On | NARS Stick concealer in Ginger | NARS Sheer Matte Foundation | M.A.C Eyeliner | M·A·C EYE BROWS | Shiseido Eyelash Curler | Yves Saint Laurent | Dior Blush | Vaseline | Burt’s Bees

Photographer: George Samuel
Make Up Artist: Giselle Fryatt