Let’s face it, contrary to the bold claims and vague promises that appear in the skincare world, there is one universal truth that dermatologists and consumers agree upon: moisturiser does work. But, there’s an endless range. The skincare TV adverts always blast: “the latest, most innovative formula yet”. So, where do you even start?

You need to look for three properties, anti-ageing protection, SPF and antioxidants. There’s three moisturisers with all of these, Estee Lauder Daywear, Clinique Moisturiser and Olay Essentials Day Cream. Aside from the smell and the childhood Déjà vu (my mother used to wear it), It’s the only moisturiser that I found that has: hydration, antioxidants, UVA/UVB protection, doesn’t clog pores and one doesn’t leave a hole in your purse.

Wrinkle prone already? If you’re 35+, I would recommend Elemis Marine Cream for collagen production and it’s got raving reviews. Throughout the years, I’ve collated a list of my beauty discoveries, the ones that I feel, work on my skin. I’ve tested a lot of products, on the supple road to finding my staple collection. Time to time, you’ll discover them on my blog.

I use La Roche-Posay Redermi Anti-Aging every three months. If there’s one ingredient that could be considered the fountain of youth, it’s Retinol. It increase cell cycle turnover, helps promote collagen and in doing that, it decreases pore size.

Lastly, for blemish prevention, La Roche Posay Anti Blemish is perfect for your handbag and great for preventing breakouts and skin damage from spots. Most of us have a good record when it comes to the consistent application of the peripheral skincare (eye cream, serums, masks, toners and so on).

Life just gets in the way. But with the right products, we’re making a big difference. Above is my picks of the big multitasking hitters to invest in now. Come on, spill. What unbeatable beauty buys have you got for me to try?

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Photographer: Dmitry Pahomov