#ProjectMCambodia | Sihanoukville

Welcome to Sihanoukville, the beach town in Cambodia. All hail the beach.

 We spotted a lovely seafront shack called Angkor Beach. They make yummy fruit shakes. I might have mentioned this, but Pineapple shakes are my favourite. I had about ten shakes by this stage, if they were those protein ones, I’d be super Hench.

A word of warning to anyone going to Cambodia, do not order Western food. I know I know, while travelling, you end up missing home and you just want a burger. I had the worst burger which I’m sure was made of soy sauce and mince.

On the other hand, local Khmer food is ridiculously delicious. Opt for that option.

Being British, we, of course, couldn’t resist getting our kit off and going for a dip.

I give the Sihanoukville beach a rating of 3 out of 5 because, even though the water is super warm and clear, it’s over flooded beach with tourists & floating trash. Children surround you selling bracelets, fake Ray Ban sunglasses and then you have ladies offering to thread your eyebrows, legs, and, *ahem* bikini line (I’m being deadly serious). If you want peace, don’t expect it at this beach.

On the bright side, (like my sunny yellow bikini) all souvenirs & services are super cheap. The nightlife is insane. Similar to the Thai islands, there’s a wild beach party every night.

I’m about to write about one of the favourite moments. Ah, gosh, when I think about it now, I just daydream about how heavenly the whole experience was.

We told a small private boat to Bamboo Island.

Floating on top of the waves, the ticking of the engine and the ocean beneath me, our boat pushed Sihanoukville further and further behind. We were surrounded by layers upon layers of endless shades of blue in the sea and into the sky.

On the way, we brought crabs from another boat who went fishing that day. They’re so pretty right?

Here’re me and my crabs, I mean erm, crab… Oh, you know what I’m saying.

One of the things on my bucket list was to go snorkelling in the sea. If it’s on your list too, do it. You’ll wander around all sorts of exotic fish and plant life, plus, just look at that water. Beautiful.

Welcome to Bamboo Island. A secluded island where a handful of people reside.

One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Beach Rating: 5 out of 5. I don’t think I need to explain why…

I couldn’t spot any crabs on this island so I thought I’d do my own. #yoga

The locals on the island made dinner for us, a choice between BBQ chicken or barracuda, after being photo bombed by a rooster earlier, my inner cave woman went for the chicken.

Would I recommend Cambodia? Erm, yes!

You will see a lot of hardship which will change the way you see life. I recommend it to anyone (in an organised tour group).

Besides the people, It’s absolutely beautiful. Vibrant and humid. Delicious food, beautiful coastline, cultural treasures, all for ridiculous prices.

On our last night, the girls set off a lantern into the sky.

A wonderful way to say goodbye to Cambodia.


Location: Cambodia – Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville beach rating: ***

Bamboo Island beach rating: *****

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