#ProjectMVietnam | Nha Trang

It’s an incredible feeling to soak your feet into the sand on a serene beach, especially after escaping the hustle & bustle of chaos in the city.

You just think to yourself, “Ahhh, what is life?”.

Let’s step into luxury.

Welcome to Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is a oopular holiday destination for honeymooners (disclaimer: do not attempt to flash your bum and drink honey on this beach, I am talking about the newlywed kind) and tourists.

Sandy beaches against a dramatic backdrop of mountains, surrounded by nineteen islands. Hello, Paradise.

We found a little spot called the Sailing Club, which transforms into a nightclub for the ravers, if that’s your thang.

 My friends will know that one of my favourite activities is napping. I’m like a little cat; I just love naps.

Four poster beds with pretty bright white lace drapes. I wanted to pounce and crawl under the duvet.

So, am I in heaven or?

Presented with the most fancy-pants Pho Ga (chicken noodles), the waitress came out with my bowl; she started laying down a rolling mat, condiments box with a selection of chilli, oyster, hoisin or fish sauce & vinegar.

And a bamboo case with chopsticks & spoon — and a plate of veg. Oh, the suspense!

They charge you approx’ 10,000 Dung (30p) to sleep on the beds on the beach. I had the best nap, I quickly forgotten about those four poster beds I saw earlier.

Welcome to the Po Nagar.

The temple played a significant part in the history of Vietnam. We were giving out lots of “ooohs” and “ahhhs” at all of the shiny pagodas in the different areas of the temple.

With being up a mountain, you get a good view of the beautiful landscapes of Nha Trang.

Street food in Vietnam deserves a mention. We were taken to eat Pho Bo (beef noodle soup) on a street corner.

PC, our tour guide told us that the soup is boiled for 24 hours so that the meat and veg’ creates a full-flavour fragrant broth, which is exactly how my mum makes her homemade Pho. Just the way I like it.

I mean look at it.

Thap Ba Spa is famous for mud baths.

I am a spa enthusiast. If I ever need cheering up (I have to admit I didn’t need any on my travels) a body massage, a slump in the Jacuzzi and a hit in the sauna will always brighten up my day.

















When you think of mud, you think of the gritty stuff. When we got into the tub, we were surprised to it’s thin, slippery liquid texture. It’s warm and looks like hot chocolate.

It’s apparently real mud mixed with essential oils.

It’s good for your skin and hair so I made sure I got a proper dosage into my scalp.

Has anyone got any spas for me to try? The Geothermal spa in Iceland is definitely on the list.

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Location: Vietnam – Nha Trang
Beach rating: ****
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