#ProjectMVietnam | Hoi An

Hoi An is my favourite place in Vietnam.

A vibrant little town with picturesque historical homes, pagodas, rows of trinket stalls and street-side cafes, all by a beautiful river filled with small fishing boats.

The perfect place to explore on a bicycle.

In 1858 – 1945 France colonised Vietnam, a country still filled with sprinkles of French hints today.

The two influences that that caught my eye happen to be two of my favourite things, food and style. The French brought over their love of snails, baguettes and patisserie. The traditional Vietnamese dress, ‘Ao Dai’ is partly inspired by Victorian-French fashion.

In Hoi An Old Town, you can buy a ticket which gives you access to six vestiges of interest and you choose which sites you want to explore.

These beauties caught our eyes (and our cameras).

 Every monument has so much history to drink in!

 Michaela brought some delicious fruits from a very excitable lady. She kindly gave me some to try, I’ve never had those fruits before, I basically ate the lovechild of an apple and grape.

 Hoi An is a well-known destination to buy hand-made, custom-designed clothes. You can get anything made, from suits to shoes.

I’ve never had a dress tailored-made for me. It’s about £20 – £100 here.


It’s time to get creative.

For the consultation process, heaps of catalogues are placed into your lap. It’s actually a homemade book filled with images from the ASOS website, which made me chuckle. You sift through them for inspiration and if a dress picks your fancy, you can select that design to be custom made.

Well, at the fraction of the price and tailor made to your shape who can complain?

Then, you select your material from a full range of dreamy silks, cotton and chiffons.

 Then they do their thing and measure you up.

Guess how long it takes for them to make you a brand spanking new outfit?

Go on, have a guess.

One. Day.

And, half a day if you’re in a rush.

No excuses for wearing your Birthday suit because you, ‘don’t have anything to wear’.

When you do pick up your clothes, you go for a fitting. If it needs tweaking, they’ll do their alterations for you to collect on the same day. I couldn’t resist having a lace dress designed as I was need of a nice LBD, sadly, I forgot to take a snap.

Couldn’t stop staring at this lady in red, though.

 Michaela and I found this amazing little cafe owned by a French lady.

The French know how to do a good coffee shop and the Vietnamese love coffee. Put them together and this is what you get.

 Before setting off on this trip, I told myself that I will only eat the national dish of the country that I’m currently residing.

Time passed and I started to crave sandwiches, kebabs and shockingly, Nando’s. There’s only so many noodles & rice that you can scoff before you have a relapse.

I also really missed pesto.

When I saw chicken & pesto sandwich on the menu…

I was filled with joy, pure joy. And I didn’t even feel guilty about it.

Michaela ordered the ‘Ca Phe Sua Da’, a chilled black coffee that drips into a bed of condensed milk. I got the thumbs up.

I had a naughty peanut butter smoothie; I don’t regret it at all. Look how happy I am.

Michaela skipped the sandwiches and opted for the kale smoothie. Green goodness in a jar.

After a long day of exploring, it was time to go for a dip and to fall asleep by the hotel pool.

If you like food, clothes and learning about history, Hoi An is calling for you.

Location: Vietnam – Hoi An
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