Ladies! (Sorry guys). What’s the perfect summer colour?

Yellow, of course.

‘But yellow doesn’t suit me!’, you may say.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than painting the town yellow. We’ve been lusting for the sun for most of the year.

Yellow suits everyone. You just have to find the right shade, sunshine.

A dark yellow (like my little Warehouse number) suits everyone. I’ve got your summer wardrobe covered; I’ve squeezed in a hint of my favourite pieces for my fellow zest lovers above.

You may be wondering why I’m waving a sash-on-a-stick like some crazed loon. Well. I’m fascinated with Rhythmic Gymnastics. I collected some inspiration from Pinterest and took it to the streets of New York. I won’t get carried away here and pretend to do it professionally. I was just flinging a ribbon in the air in comparison to the ladies who compete at the Olympics.

I love summer nights. I love summer nights even more in New York. At sunset, I floated around Brooklyn with Wendy, a local New Yorker and an amazing photographer. Like bees collecting nectar: myself & Wendy buzzed around Brooklyn while snapping up my zesty dress in the big apple, like a pair of lemons.

You can hop onto my New York adventure here.

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Warehouse Yellow Dress | Jimmy Choo Shoes

Clinique Moisturiser | La Roche Posay Anti Blemish | NARS Sheer Matte Foundation | NARS Stick Concealer in Ginger | M.A.C EYE BROWS | Urban Decay Palette | M.A.C Eyeliner | Shiseido Eyelash Curler | YSL Waterproof Mascara | MAC Blush in Mata Hari | MAC Lip Pencil | MAC Lipstick in Cockney |


Photographer: Wendy Whitesell