#ProjectMNYC – The Markets of New York

If you’re a foodie, lover of vintage, flowers and thrift stores, or hell, a resident of a city, then you know how much we love a good street market.

There are two markets I urge you to visit in New York. Dear Reader, meet my two New Yorker friends: Williamsburg and Chelsea.

We have two very different personalities here. I’ll introduce you to Williamsburg first.

Williamsburg market is the hipster of the market gang. He (William) is the king of distinctive trends and thrift.

Go and check out his no-one-else-has-it apparel: real silks & leathers, downtown-cool jewels, literacy book clutches and dapper kicks.

If you’re ever with me, wherever you are, I will point you in the direction of the food.

We were in search of a bite to eat. There was only one problem.

There was too much choice.

Lobster rolls, anyone?

 Saucy (Williams)BURGer?

Parm slider?

(Parmigiana is breaded chicken breast covered with a tomato-based neapolitan sauce and cheese).

 I can’t remember what these were, but they looked delicious! Help me out and comment below, please?

 We walked, and we strolled and then we found what we were searching for in our lives at that time.

Hola Mexican Comida!

 One of my favourite cuisines is Mexican. I never got over a burrito that I once demolished in California. If you’re ever in the US, and you can handle spice, please, please try a burrito from a street market or Mexican food truck. I promise you, it will blow your head off (in a good way), and you will always be craving that burrito (or taco). I’m writing this from London, and I’m desperate for one right now. The secret is in the chilli sauce. It’s Mexican magic.

Cool off with some good ole homemade lemonade.

 Then for dessert, treat yourself to these big a** American donuts. They don’t do food by halves in the US.

 Right, now I’ve introduced you to Williamsburg. It’s time to meet Chelsea.

She’s a little more upmarket than our Willie.

So, I’m walking aimlessly through Chelsea market, and this catches the corner of my eye.

 How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggly icing. (Sorry I had to).

Beep beep beep, it’s a Minion cake!

 Amy’s Bread is apparently a must for pastries and bread. I gave it a miss this time because I was after something else, which I’ll get to.


Chelsea Market’s most quintessential dish — it’s the one and only steamed whole lobster from Lobster Place. The super-fresh Maine lobsters are gently steamed and served with a simple slip of butter and wedges of lemon.

It gets busy, and you probably won’t get a seat. But, it’s a surreal experience to squat with tourists and chomp on a big lobster each, together.

Now, I can’t serve you the main course and recommend you a dessert can I?

My cousin took me to Doughnuttery. It’s like a Subway for donuts. You pick the different sugars according to your taste. I went for a few different ones like Urban Monkey (banana, coconut and coffee powdered sugars), Peanut Butter&Jelly (peanut butter and grape candy) and Matcha (green tea & sugar).

I didn’t get to take a picture because I, erm, was occupied (I ordered several donuts and stuffed them in my mouth all at once).

I wanted to take this baby home.

 Yes. I know what you’re thinking. You want to grab a spoon and join me. Oh I like the way you think.

Chelsea Market is the former home to the famous National Biscuit Company. I would recommend you give New York biscuits a try. They’re much more crumbly than in the UK.

Chelsea Market does have an eccentric side to her. There’s an Artists & Fleas seasonal pop-up bazaar. Expect to find trendy and non-commercial gifts, locally made and well crafted.

 *Phew*. I think we all deserve some margaritas after all of that walking.

Have you been to any of the markets of New York? Let me know if I’ve missed anything so we can all share places to go!

Location: New York

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