#ProjectMVietnam – Hoi An Bicycle Tour

We hopped onto our bikes to explore Hoi An’s picturesque countryside.

Excuse the outfit, when you live out of a backpack you can easily achieve the dishevelled ‘gap yah’ style.

I would recommend hopping onto a organised bike tour because part of the money from your fare goes to the local people that you visit.

And you get to do this:


Just watering my crops and going back to my roots, (ha, get it?).

Our tour guide announced, “Girls, it’s time to ride a buffalo!”.

Yes, a buffalo.

I have a story to share with you about my buffalo experience. This one is a charmer.

I perch my bum onto this buffalo’s back.

I stared into the distance — into layers of rice fields as they gathered over the horizon. I was content. Then out of nowhere, Mr Buffalo Man stands up and starts chanting some Vietnamese opera song.

Then the buffalo starts pooping in the water, whilst I’m still on it.

Then the buffalo man (somehow) encouraged me sing along to his song!

Everything happened so fast that when it was time to get off, I was like, what…what just happened?
I survived!

We love you buffalo & buffalo man!

Our last stop on the bike ride was this beautiful beach.

The perfect place to reflect on our wonderful tour.

If that wasn’t enough, we were taken onto a boat back to Hoi An: Old Town. This was our view whilst we floated across layers of black silk.

Before heading to the land of nod, we were absolutely staving!

The food in Hoi An is beyond ridiculous. We ordered a three-course meal and this was the starter. Who gives you three plates for a starter?!


Like seriously, Hoi An, you’re spoiling me!

My main man dish arrived: chicken in banana leaf. I needed someone to roll me out when the banana and chocolate pancake made an appearance.

Stuffed and a bit tipsy, it was time to head back to our hotel to visit the land of nod.

By this point, I thought I was a giddy fairy and flew under this pretty gateshead outside of the hotel.

Goodnight, Hoi An, you light up my heart.

Location: Vietnam – Hoi An

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