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  • The Wong Shop

    #ProjectMNYC – The Markets of New York

    If you’re a foodie, lover of vintage, flowers and thrift stores, or hell, a resident of a city, then you know how much we love a good street market.

    There are two markets I urge you to visit in New York. Dear Reader, meet my two New Yorker friends: Williamsburg and Chelsea.

    We have two very different personalities here. I’ll introduce you to Williamsburg first.

    Williamsburg market is the hipster of the market gang. He (William) is the king of distinctive trends and thrift.

    Go and check out his no-one-else-has-it apparel: real silks & leathers, downtown-cool jewels, literacy book clutches and dapper kicks.

    If you’re ever with me, wherever you are, I will point you in the direction of the food.

    We were in search of a bite to eat. There was only one problem.

    There was too much choice.

    Lobster rolls, anyone?

     Saucy (Williams)BURGer?

    Parm slider?

    (Parmigiana is breaded chicken breast covered with a tomato-based neapolitan sauce and cheese).

     I can’t remember what these were, but they looked delicious! Help me out and comment below, please?

     We walked, and we strolled and then we found what we were searching for in our lives at that time.

    Hola Mexican Comida!

     One of my favourite cuisines is Mexican. I never got over a burrito that I once demolished in California. If you’re ever in the US, and you can handle spice, please, please try a burrito from a street market or Mexican food truck. I promise you, it will blow your head off (in a good way), and you will always be craving that burrito (or taco). I’m writing this from London, and I’m desperate for one right now. The secret is in the chilli sauce. It’s Mexican magic.

    Cool off with some good ole homemade lemonade.

     Then for dessert, treat yourself to these big a** American donuts. They don’t do food by halves in the US.

     Right, now I’ve introduced you to Williamsburg. It’s time to meet Chelsea.

    She’s a little more upmarket than our Willie.

    So, I’m walking aimlessly through Chelsea market, and this catches the corner of my eye.

     How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggly icing. (Sorry I had to).

    Beep beep beep, it’s a Minion cake!

     Amy’s Bread is apparently a must for pastries and bread. I gave it a miss this time because I was after something else, which I’ll get to.


    Chelsea Market’s most quintessential dish — it’s the one and only steamed whole lobster from Lobster Place. The super-fresh Maine lobsters are gently steamed and served with a simple slip of butter and wedges of lemon.

    It gets busy, and you probably won’t get a seat. But, it’s a surreal experience to squat with tourists and chomp on a big lobster each, together.

    Now, I can’t serve you the main course and recommend you a dessert can I?

    My cousin took me to Doughnuttery. It’s like a Subway for donuts. You pick the different sugars according to your taste. I went for a few different ones like Urban Monkey (banana, coconut and coffee powdered sugars), Peanut Butter&Jelly (peanut butter and grape candy) and Matcha (green tea & sugar).

    I didn’t get to take a picture because I, erm, was occupied (I ordered several donuts and stuffed them in my mouth all at once).

    I wanted to take this baby home.

     Yes. I know what you’re thinking. You want to grab a spoon and join me. Oh I like the way you think.

    Chelsea Market is the former home to the famous National Biscuit Company. I would recommend you give New York biscuits a try. They’re much more crumbly than in the UK.

    Chelsea Market does have an eccentric side to her. There’s an Artists & Fleas seasonal pop-up bazaar. Expect to find trendy and non-commercial gifts, locally made and well crafted.

     *Phew*. I think we all deserve some margaritas after all of that walking.

    Have you been to any of the markets of New York? Let me know if I’ve missed anything so we can all share places to go!

    Location: New York

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    Fields of Golden Light


     Playing around in fields with the summer sunlight is pretty much how I spent my time growing up. Grassy native corn filled fields provided the perfect backdrop for this editorial. You know what I love? Easy-to-wear dresses. And this is one of them. This Warehouse lightweight shift dress is constructed from a soft crepe and features a v-neckline, zip-through front, two breast pockets and short sleeves in a military green colour. I’m going to miss summer come October. Batten down the hatches: winter is coming. I’m preparing for battle.

    Location: West London

    Warehouse Crepe Dress | Women’s VANS

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    #ProjectMNYC | Governors Island

    No summer in New York is complete without taking a trip to (at least) one of the islands.

    They’re really easy to get to and (at certain times) some ferries to the islands are free!

    The Staten Island ferry is always free and runs from 12am – 11.30pm. Buy a ticket to the Statue of Liberty and hop on a ferry for free to Ellis Island.

    After (practically) throwing your cash out of the window on the flight — a free and relaxing boat ride is just what you need.

    Today, I’ll be your tour guide and I’ll be taking you through Governors Island. Head to Governors Island before 11.30am on a weekend for $0 (summer only).

    On route, you’ll be shown an incredible view of the concentre jungle, where dreams are made of, on a boat, there’s nothing you can’t do, now that you’re in New York.


    Governors Island actually used to be a military base (it protected NYC waterways from British Invasion during the War of 1812) and they’ve preserved many historical goodies for you to see.

    Today, it’s a social spot with occasional music festivals, outdoor art, games and 1920’s parties (which I’d definitely go to if I lived in NY).

    It’s car-free oasis. I would recommend grabbing your bikes — or renting one out if you’re a tourist. Admire the pretty scenery and don’t forget to stop by the monuments for some very American history.

     New Jersey (left) VS New York (right).

    White Dress/a>


     Below is Castle Williams. A sign on the fort reads, “Castle Williams, with its twin fort, Castle Clinton in the Battery, was built to guard the waterway between Governors Island and New York City. Together these forts provided such a formidable defense that the British fleet never attempted to attack New York City during the War of 1812”.


     This is the old Governors abode. How American is this house?

     Even though no one lives on the island, I think it would be an amazing place to live. It’s like a little community town: with a little hospital, church and (Wisteria Lane type) suburbian houses. Sadly, no one resides here whilst Mr Trump decides what to do with it.

    New York, I love your islands!

    God bless America.

    Location: Governors Island, New York


    #ProjectMNYC – Shopping in New York

    I love grabbing an iced frap’ and strolling around the shops.

    Especially in New York.

    There are many reasons why I love shopping in NYC.

    It’s a destination of sartorial satisfaction.

    With its wide, open pavements, glorious old buildings, fluttering American flags and every shop from Bloomingdale’s to Sephora, it’s a shopper’s paradise.

    Grab your purse and hail a yellow cab — we’re going shopping!

    Guys (and ladies too) if you’re not into shopping: get yourself dropped off at Barnes & Noble, put your feet up, grab a coffee and lose yourself into a good book.

     In the meantime, fellow shoppers — If you’re a scrimper with a thirst for designer goodies, I would take you to Century 21.

    I warn you, it’s always packed with keen tourists. And with good reason — you won’t leave empty-handed. I fluttered past discounted Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton & Mulberry bags, Versace watches and Timberland boots.

    Pleased with myself, I left with: a-very-American Tommy Hilfiger bag, some shiny statement jewellery, a pair of designer sunglasses and a huge grin.

    Nordstom Rack is another discount haven — check it out online to avoid the crowds.

     Seeking the latest designer collections? Do your friends compliment you on your new season styles?

    You’ll be squealing with excitement in Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.

     Did you know that Macy’s has 11 Floors?! I couldn’t cope.

     If you’re a make-up and beauty hoarder buff — you’ll heard of Sephora.

    A department store dedicated to the likes of NARS, Urban Decay, bareMinerals, Bobbi Brown, Lancome and every beauty brand you can think of.

    It’s a beauty blogger’s paradise.

     Cheers, Sephora.

    Right ladies, it’s time to treat you to some underwear. You sexy thang.

    What’s the most famous lingerie brand in the US? (Shh, I’ll tell you a secret Victoria, you’ll know it when I give you a clue: angel wings.)

    Victoria Secret, obviously! See what I did there? (I’ll stop calling you Victoria now.)

     My lovely friend Tineal couldn’t resist a perfume purchase. During my uni years — I worked in A&F / Hollister, so I’m not really a fan of apparel store scents.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Victoria Eau de Parfum. It’s my kind of scent — it’s light, floral and summery.

    Tineal and Ana also brought some PJ’s, bras and underwear.

    I much prefer a different American lingerie brand.

    It’s called Aerie.

    Created by American Eagle. This is the first thing you see when you walk in.

     Besides Aerie’s engaging brand values, I much prefer their prints, touches of ribbon and lace on flirty shapes. I also brought a bikini — it’s like Seafolly but without the price tag.

     One of life’s greatest pleasures is strolling into a beauty salon after a long, hard day of shopping.

     You jump back into the world feeling and smelling a million dollars.

    Welcome to Red Door Spa New York by Elizabeth Arden.

     Tineal is very happy with having her hair played with here. Bless her.

    It was time to be released back into the streets that never sleep.

    Are there any shops that you think I’ve missed out on this post? I’d love to hear from you.

    Location: New York

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    #ProjectMNYC – The Big Apple Eats

    The food in New York. Ah man. Where do I begin?

    New York City is a microcosm of the world, where you stumble upon four different ethnic eateries right next to each other.

    You name it. New York has it. Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian, American… The list goes on. With New York’s diverse population, if you come across the right spot (especially the local areas) the food is pretty damn authentic.

    Ok, let’s list the food I would urge you to try. Let’s start with the all American fave’.


    I’m talking about the 1$ cheap takeaway-on-a-napkin kind. None of the gourmet stuff. Thanks to New York’s historic Italian influence, this pizza is just dying to meet you. It isn’t shy of hearty tomato sauce & elastic cheese. Carbtastic and oily as f**k. I love it. You can get it pretty much everywhere in NYC.

    NYC Pizza 5/5.


     Another American favourite incoming…

    The bagel.

    The bagel is a New York institution so I had high hopes for this one.

    I opted for salmon, capers, onions and cream cheese filling.

    This is a vain picture of me holding a bagel. Yes I know this is lame. I’m expanding my readership to the Korean target market, there seems to be some online trend of watching chicks eat ATM.

     The New York bagel is packed full of flavour. I find bagels in the UK a bit bland.

    But overall, I wasn’t massively over the moon about them. I wasn’t craving them afterwards.

    New York Bagel 3/5

    Next up.


    I first heard about meatloaf in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and in some other random American TV shows. I’ve always wanted to try it. When I told a New Yorker about my latest life goal, she laughed and said, “…ewww why? That’s gross because we used to eat it in 5th grade and it’s the kind of meal your grandma would force you to eat”.

    She accepted my plea and took us to Chat N Chew.

    How American is this menu?!

     Meatloaf wasn’t what I expected to be honest — I thought it would have a steak-like texture and shaped like a piece of bread. It’s actually a big stodgy piece of mincey meat. I can see why the Americans eat it — it’s easy to make and makes great convenience food. It’s a bit like pate accompanied by gravy, mash and veg’.

    Tineal had some good ole mac ‘n’ cheese. Can’t go wrong with that.

    Oh, before I forget: meatloaf 3/5.

    Hi battered Oreo.

    I love Oreos. I love dipping them in breakfast tea.

     This is my reaction when I discovered these bad boys on the menu.


     Giggling to myself, I tried a battered Oreo.

     It’s so weird. You eat the first one and you’re like, ‘nah, this ain’t right’. And then you eat another and another and you’re like, ‘no actually, this is really good’.

     Crispy batter, warm melt-in-the-mouth biscuits with jammed icing.

     It tastes like the lovechild of a fat chip and a cookie.

     Battered Oreo 4/5.

    Ok, so I’m really sorry about the next one. Because I ate it before I could take a picture of it.

    It’s a cake from the famous Magnolia Bakery. Yes, I obviously got confused and thought I was in Sex In The City at the time. I licked the cream and then next thing I knew, it was gone. I know. Naughty Monica.

     Magnolia lemon cake 4/5

    Magnolia chocolate cake 4/5.

    Have you tried any of my favourite NYC eats? Whatdya’ think?

    Have I missed any nibbles that you think I should try?

    Location: New York

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